《Love.Natural爱。自然》 mulberry leaf tea is made of high-quality mulberry leaves, refined by traditional tea-making procedures. In the process, the fishy smell and astringency of the plants in the mulberry leaves are removed; the unique taste of glycol is presented and the fragrance is refreshing. Mulberry leaves contain an alkaloid called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), which is a kind of alkaloid only present in mulberry leaves. The content is about 100mg / 100g. -Inhibitors of glycosidases. Mulberry leaves not only contain DNJ, but also rich in γ-aminobutyric acid and plant pure, its content is 3-4 times that of green tea. It has the functions of losing weight, beautifying and lowering blood sugar.

Mulberry leaves are recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “The spirit of Sang Jixing is also known as the article of cicada eating. The old man of human food is a child. The mulberry leaf is also known as” the fairy grass “. The Japanese call mulberry leaf tea longevity tea. The leaf tea mulberry leaf is the king of plants and has the reputation of “ginseng hot tonic, mulberry leaf tonic”. It is rich in 17 amino acids, crude protein and crude fat of the human body. It is a “medical and food homologous” plant recognized by the Ministry of Health. Listed by the International Food Hygiene Organization as “one of the top ten health foods for humans in the 21st century” and become a new source of human green food. Mulberry leaf tea is brewed in boiling water, clear and bright, sweet and sweet, fresh and refreshing, especially for the elderly People who are unfit to drink tea provide a new type of drink, which will give them a certain health effect during the tea drinking process. Drinking this tea often is beneficial to health and longevity.

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